So it must not be important, right?

Office manager pilot fish gets a call from an employee complaining that her internet connection is dead -- and fish has some idea what might be going on.

"As I was checking connections, I got a call from another user in the office next to hers," says fish. "He said he couldn't access the internet either. I know there's a network switch in the first user's office, so I figured that was the problem.

"When I went to her office, I found the switch -- unhooked and sitting on top of a file cabinet.

"When I quizzed her about it, she said she was rearranging her office and needed the shelf the switch was sitting on. Since she didn't know what it was, she unhooked it.

"Had other people not been connected through that same switch I would have been tempted to leave it unhooked. But I explained to her -- as rationally as I possibly could -- that she should never ever do that again!"

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