15 Apple Watch tricks you’ll want to use

My best advice is to Force Touch everything...

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The phrase, “Hidden in plain sight” has become a cliché, but the one thing people always forget is that clichés are only clichés because they happen a lot. Apple Watch tips are no exception. How can a device you wear on your wrist have so many hidden features? Here are a few more you may not have seen before:

Quiet light

In a meeting, want to know the time, but don’t want to seem too rude by raising the Watch to your face? Why not gently turn the Digital Crown, which will gently illuminate the watch face so you can glimpse the time surreptitiously? (One reason why not might be that this feature is only available on Series 2 or later Watch models).

The call feature everyone neglects

Receiving a call but don’t want to take it on your Watch? When the call notification appears on your Apple Watch screen just turn the digital crown a little so that you see the lower part of the notification screen. Tap Answer on iPhone and Siri will tell the caller to wait while you retrieve your smartphone. (From here).

Share location

On the way to meet someone? If you’ve arranged the meeting using Messages you can quickly let people know where you are by opening the conversation thread in Messages app, Force Touch the message and tapping the Send Location button. Now the person you are meeting will be able to watch where you are until you reach them.

Easy mute

Get a call when you can’t take it? Just place your palm over the Apple Watch face to mute the call. (You must enable this in My Watch>Sounds & Haptics>Cover to Mute.)


Those tapping sensations you feel when using Maps to get somewhere? They’re trying to help you – this is what they mean:

  • Two taps thrice: Turn left
  • Twelve steady taps = turn right
  • Long vibration: You’ve arrived.

New Faces

Until Apple makes it possible to create and use your own watch faces you’re kind of stuck with the default collections. You’ll use them all for a while until you figure out the most useful designs for you, and you can ditch the ones you don’t want to see in the watchface chooser by swiping up on the design while in chooser. To get a watchface that you’ve deleted back, just tap the + button.

Talking mice

Open the Watch app on your iPhone, open Sounds & Haptics and scroll to the bottom to enable Tap to Speak Time. When this is on, tapping the Mickey or Minnie Mouse watchfaces will make them announce the time in their iconic voices.

Extra Workouts

Is your style of workout missing from the options inside the Apple Watch Workout app? Just tap Other when selecting your workout, tap End when you finish and choose ‘Rename Workout’ at the end of the list. You’ll now be able to select any of 58 Workout styles, which will be named and added to the main list for future use.

Tap for rain

Did you know that when you check the weather using the standard Weather app, you can also check the chance of rain? To do so just tap the main screen in the app to see the chance of rain over the next 12-hours, tap it again to return to regular weather view.


Want to send a message from Apple Watch? You can ask Siri to send the message, or Force Touch the Messages app to invoke the Create Message item. Select a contact, dictate the message, and then press the Digital Crown to send it off.

Force Touch everything

You should try to Force Touch everything in Apple Watch, as doing so unlocks a whole range of things, emoji color, stopwatch mode, audio source controls, maps search, and much more.


Any music or other media you have stored on Apple Watch can be played through other devices using AirPlay. Force Touch the Now Playing screen to reach this option.


Open the Watch app on your iPhone and drop into Sounds & Haptics, where you should toggle the ‘Prominent Haptic’ feature. Now you’ll get two vibrations when a notification comes in, which may help you notice it happening when you’re out and about.

Tap to end

Using Siri dictation to record a message or answer an email? Just tap the screen once you’ve said what you needed to say and Siri will stop listening for more words from you.


You can launch Apple Watch apps using Siri.

A little more…

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