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Is IT having an identity crisis?

Computerworld Digital Edition - May 2017 [cover] 3000x2000 Computerworld

With the perceptions of IT’s value and its status within an organization in constant flux, tech leaders are being challenged every day to prove that value and enhance that status. Our cover story offers strategies for staying relevant at a time when IT’s role as purveyor of all technology is nothing but a distant memory.

Camp for Coders

Coding boot camps are popping up everywhere as demand for programmers grows. But with high tuition costs and a lack of proven oversight, are they worth it?

9 Things Your Service Provider Wants You to Know

Enterprise IT can avoid some of the pitfalls in these tricky relationships by heeding advice from the providers themselves.

News Analysis

Forgoing its customary secrecy, Apple reaches out to professional users who feel the company has neglected them and opens up about its future hardware plans, promising that a new Mac Pro is in the works.

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Bart Perkins argues that H-1B visa holders represent the type of immigration the U.S. should be encouraging, but H-1B visa abuse must be stopped. And Paul Glen advises IT professionals to speak to their co-workers in plain English, and avoid excessive “verbing” (and jargoning and acronyming).

Shark Tank

Read the latest exploits of hapless bosses and clueless users.

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