But all the plumbing works fine, right? RIGHT?!?

This company is having a branch office renovated -- some walls moved and added, along with eight new Cat-6 network lines installed, according to a pilot fish on the scene.

"We generally have the contractor pull the wires for us and then we do the terminations," says fish. "This time the office director had the contractor finish the wiring on the network jacks in the walls.

"We knew there might be problems when we saw where the lines came into the server room and immediately noticed that none of the lines were labeled and one of them ended 24 inches short of the patch panel.

"The next obvious step was to examine one of the wall jacks. When we unscrewed it, we noticed that only one Cat-5 line was present for two jacks.

"Then we flipped it over to see the connections. Some of the Cat-6 went to one jack, some went to the other -- and there were jumpers that ran between the two jacks to connect them in parallel.

"Needless to say, all lines and connections will be redone and tested.

"Long after his death, Elvis was supposedly seen in a Burger King not far from that office. I don't know about the King, but clearly the Three Stooges are alive and well there."

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