Sometimes you have to let 'em add it up themselves

This small public accounting firm doesn't have an official IT guy, so it falls to a junior accountant pilot fish to handle the first pass for all IT issues.

"One day, soon after getting a new iPhone 6, one of the partners of the firm came into my office and started complaining about how her phone ringer was no longer working," says fish.

"Because of my experience troubleshooting for this partner, I knew many of her technology issues were user generated. I politely asked if she had tried switching the ring/silent switch on the side of the iPhone to re-enable the ringer.

"The partner definitively stated she had tried everything and the ringer still was not working.

"Since the partner didn't offer to let me try to fix the issue and evidently just wanted to complain, I offered my sympathies and went on with my work. I knew enough by this time not to make one of my bosses look foolish by fixing an issue that I was not asked to fix.

"Days later, the partner excitedly rushed into my office to let me know that the ringer started working again! After dropping her phone, she accidentally discovered the ring/silent switch, and was no longer going to have to take her phone back to get repaired!

"I did my best to offer congratulations on getting her phone working again -- without betraying my lack of surprise."

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