Hey, it HAS a C: prompt, so what's the problem?

It's the dawn of history (well, PC history, anyway), and this still-in-school pilot fish has a job working on the department's machines, including an early Tandy computer -- Radio Shack's first crack at the MS-DOS market.

"We had IBM PC clones for the rest of our department's computers, but this one had snuck in somehow," fish says.

"We wanted to upgrade the Tandy's drive capacity, and I had a 'hard card' -- a hard drive attached to a controller card -- for an IBM PC, and I figured I'd put it in the Tandy.

"I knew the card and drive were good, as I had pulled them from a working PC, so I opened the case, installed the card and fired her up.

"It kept telling me 'Drive not found.'

"I fought it for quite a while, and even wound up pointing the monitor at the drive in the open case while yelling, 'WHAT DO YOU MEAN 'NOT FOUND?' IT'S RIGHT THERE, @#$%! IT!'

"My boss was ROTFLHAO at me. That was the day I learned that the Tandy wasn't quite PC compatible..."

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