Buyers’ Guide: Prices dropping for data visualization software

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Market conditions are "highly favorable" for buyers of data visualization software because of "steady price drops," according to procurement analysts at IBISWorld Inc.

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The average price of data visualization software has dipped at a 0.8% annual rate in the past three years, primarily due to intense price competition among the vendors, a recent IBISWorld report says.

Looking ahead, IBISWorld says the average price is projected to fall at an annual rate of 1.1% through 2020 "as suppliers fight for customers and market share by offering freemium products and undercutting the prices offered by major suppliers."


The bottom line for IT buyers: "The overall purchasing environment is favorable, giving buyers power" to negotiate good prices.

The 24-page IBISWorld report also provides:

    • The market share and financial risks of the top 10 data visualization software vendors
    • A scorecard for making purchase decisions
    • Analysis of the total cost of ownership (TCO)
    • Key RFP elements
    • Negotiation questions

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