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Get ready for iFall, when a new report confirms Apple plans to introduce three iPhones, including a tenth-anniversary iPhone 8 with a new display, a more advanced camera and some major changes in the device’s classic design.

Ten years later

There are some interesting insights in Bloomberg’s report this morning. It echoes most other available speculation as to Apple’s plans. Including a repeat of recent rumors claiming the new high-end iPhone model may not be available until a couple of months after its announcement.

This is what the report claims:

  • Top end iPhone to host an OLED display (another rumor this weekend claimed the device could have a near-borderless display.)
  • Initial stocks of these displays will be made by Samsung, report claims
  • Upgraded iPhone 7 series to use LCD displays in 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch sizes
  • The display will cover almost the entire front of the iPhone
  • The Home button will be integrated into the display
  • Touch ID may also be integrated in the display, or even housed on the back of the device.

The report also suggests that some of the final decisions around Apple’s new smartphones haven’t yet been reached.

These include the new design of the product. The claim is that multiple prototypes are being tested, “including versions with curved glass and stainless steel” shapes. It warns that Apple has “struggled” to produce the curved glass it needs in quantity – particularly for the “dramatic curves” the report claims it wishes to introduce.


The notion that TouchID may be integrated in the display, or even placed on the back of the device has generated wide discussion this weekend. It’s not always easy to judge the depth of interest within the echo chamber, but people don’t seem too keen on this idea.


Apple will continue its focus on camera technologies in this release. The report seemingly confirms recent claims it will introduce a vertically-stacked dual-lens system. The report suggests Apple intends wielding a dual lens front-facing camera.

There have been claims Apple has been working on making its cameras more focused on augmented reality, including depth of field improvements. That may mean something in conjunction with the new dual lens front camera – this makes particular sense, this camera technology reportedly boosted iPhone 7 Plus sales this season.


The report sheds little light on the processor Apple plans to deploy within the device, bar confirming the A11-series chip will be based on a smaller 10-nanometer process. That’s significant as it means you can look forward to faster smartphones with better battery life.

One thing the report does not discuss is Apple’s plans for improvements (or the lack of them) in the company’s graphics processor (GPU). We learned last week that Apple intends creating its own GPU and will replace its existing supplier in within around 24-months.


One interesting point that’s kind of glossed over in the report is a claim that the iOS 11 user interface to be ‘refreshed’ around this iPhone launch.

That could mean very little, of course – it could just suggest Apple’s usual plans to improve the operating system.

What makes this more interesting, at least this year, is that if the company does intend introducing AR features it makes sense for it to also want to encourage developers to get involved in building those experiences.

If Apple does want to nurture development, then it will want to woo developers to build new experiences for the new platform. I think this makes it possible that Apple will reveal at least a few details about its plans at WWDC as it seeks to inspire interest in its new platform.

How much?

One thing we don’t know is how much Apple will charge people for its new high-end device. Will the company hit market with a $1,000+ iPhone, or will it stay safely South of that psychological barrier with a lower price point?

And will the device it does introduce meet the expectation of the tenth-anniversary hype, or add further fuel to the continued criticism that Apple’s a less powerful product company under CEO, Tim Cook?

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