Apple orders 70 million bendable OLED screens from Samsung for its new iPhone

We are getting closer and closer to the (still months away) launch of the iPhone 8 (or whatever it will be called). 

So, naturally, we keep learning more about what Apple's highly anticipated new phone will include. Today, that means we heard about Apple ordering a ton of OLED displays from Samsung. But what exactly does that indicate?

In IT Blogwatch, we have too much screen time. 

So what is going on? James Rogerson shares some background:

It’s been widely rumored that the iPhone 8 will have a curved OLED display, and now...Apple has apparently ordered 70 million such panels from Samsung.
According to...Nikkei Asian Review, the panels will be used exclusively with the iPhone 8, which will have a slightly curved 5.2-inch screen.

But haven't we heard about three new Apple phones for this year? Joe Roberts clears up any confusion:

The iPhone 8 is expected to arrive alongside two other new iPhones, thought to be the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus...But the iPhone 8...will be the only one of the three to come with a full redesign.
That redesign is said to involve removing the home button, introducing an almost full-face screen, and creating the body from glass...It's also the only model that's expected to make use of OLED technology for its display.

What else do we know about these phones? Brittany A. Roston fills us in:

A source...[states] that all three will have wireless charging, but that there’s currently an overheating problem that needs to be overcome.
The source also states that all three...models will be waterproof, and that one or more will sport a 3D sensor with facial recognition technology. Such a feature would be on par with Samsung’s new Galaxy S8, only hopefully better — Samsung’s...facial recognition feature can be easily beat using an ordinary selfie.

Do we know anything more? Of course we do -- this report isn't the only source of Apple rumors. Juli Clover sums it up:

Other features rumored for the iPhone 8...include camera improvements, a faster and more efficient A11 processor, Touch ID built into the display, True Tone ambient light adjustment, and perhaps augmented reality functionality enabled through the camera.

But isn't 70 million panels a lot for just one model of phone? Alan F. puts it in context:

We can deduce that Apple expects to sell a huge amount of iPhone 8 handsets over the holiday quarter...During the same period last year, Apple sold...78.3 million handsets. This means that a new record number of quarterly iPhone sales could be made during the calendar fourth quarter this year.

So when can we expect these phones? Chance Miller has the timeline:

The iPhone 8 is expected to be unveiled later this year...some reports suggest it won’t be available until after September. Apple is reportedly facing difficulties manufacturing the iPhone 8, thus the reason for a possible delayed release.

Any other questions? Sam Rothstein‏ throws some shade:

So they are making an S8?

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