Android Wear 2.0 delayed again, but for how long?

Most people check their watch to see the time. Android Wear users are likely checking theirs to see if it has gotten the latest Android Wear update.

Unfortunately, most of them will be disappointed, since Google has again delayed the rollout -- for most devices. So which devices can expect to get the update, and why does everyone else have to wait?

In IT Blogwatch, we start a countdown.

So what is going on? Richard Nieva has some background:

If you're waiting to...use the next generation of Google's smartwatch software, you'll have to keep waiting.
Android Wear being delayed in its wider rollout. The culprit is a bug that Google found in its final testing of the software.

But hasn't it already been delayed once? It has. Tyler Lee explains:

Android Wear was originally planned for a 2016, but it was delayed to 2017. Now so far it seems that Google has pushed out the update for several Android Wear models, but unfortunately if you have yet to get the update for your...Android Wear device, you might have to wait a bit longer.

So some devices are still getting Android Wear 2.0? Ida Torres has those details:

Three smartwatches are starting to receive the update. The Fossil Q Founder, Casio Smart Outdoor, and the Tag Heuer Connected are the be receiving this major update, apart from...two that...will have 2.0 out of the box: the LG Watch Style and the LG Watch Sport. The three devices are slated to finish updating by April 4.

What about everyone else? When will they get the update? Stephen Hall has some bad news, but tries to look on the bright side:

Google leaves as to when we can expect the update to begin rolling out to devices other than the three rollouts that started...but at least we now know what has been going on.

What is the big deal with Android Wear 2.0, anyway? JC Torres is in the know:

Android Wear the wearable platform’s biggest major update to date. It brings some massive under the hood changes, primary of which is the ability for a smartwatch to function without the paired smartphone nearby. That is, depending on whether the watch has its own data capabilities. Its launch...seems to have spurred a rash of new smartwatches. Whether it will be enough to sustain the long-term success of Android Wear, and smartwatches in general, only time will tell.

Anything else noteable about the update? Alex Wagner thinks there are a few more features worth mentioning:

Android Wear 2.0 brings...several notable...improvements, like an on-watch Play Store and a keyboard for message replies. It’s kind of a bummer that most Android Wear watches are still waiting to get their 2.0 update...but it’s better for Google to have found this bug and delayed the rollout so that it can be fixed, rather than Google just pushing the update and then users having to live with the bug while Google works on a fix.

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