IT service providers get low marks for innovation

Everest Group study reveals surprisingly high levels of customer dissatisfaction with global IT service firms. Download the free research report to learn where and why IT service providers are failing.

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Nearly half (48 percent) of the customers of IT service providers aren't satisfied with the service they’re getting, according to Everest Group’s global survey of 132 enterprises. That figure includes 25 percent who are “highly unsatisfied.”

The results are especially troubling because the enterprises surveyed were “reference clients” hand-picked by the vendors, suggesting that customer satisfaction could be even worse with a broader sample, according to the consulting and research firm’s report.

Generally, customers give their IT service providers good grades on technical expertise but poor grades for acting as “strategic partners” and innovators. The report also covers the following topics:

  • Whether IT service providers meet client expectations for flexibility, industry knowledge and day-to-day project management
  • The top five IT service providers for overall experience
  • Differences between mid-and small-sized service providers

Members of the Insider program can download the complimentary Everest Group report “Customer (Dis)Satisfaction: Why Are Enterprises Unhappy with Their Service Providers?”

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