Now that's using mobile for REAL productivity

It's the 1990s, and this two-way paging company sees an opportunity in developing a version of its service for PDAs, says a pilot fish who gets the job of managing the software development.

"Part of the PDA development included a Windows app that would allow users to send text to a pager," fish says. "As manager of the program, I was given frequent build updates, and I would hammer on the app and provide feedback to the subcontracting company doing the development.

"In one update, I noticed a feature had been implemented to schedule exactly when the page would be delivered. the only person inside the company with a copy of the new Windows app, I felt safe in exploiting its scheduling capabilities.

"I was required to attend numerous time-wasting meetings that would often run an hour or more. I began to schedule a high-priority page to be sent to my own pager some random time between 10 and 20 minutes into a meeting.

"My pager would beep and boop. I'd pretend to read the display -- with a stern expression, of course -- and excuse myself from the meeting. Then I'd get back to doing real work.

"Not once was I asked what was so important that I had to leave."

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