Well, he WAS a traveling salesman...

Flashback a couple decades to when this programmer pilot fish is working for a small software vendor run by two partners.

"Barney took care of managing the office, and Fred was our salesman," says fish. "Fred spent many days each month traveling around the state, looking for new clients. We did have some nearby clients, but not many.

"Most of his sales were concentrated in three particular areas: one about 150 miles south of our office, the second about 120 miles west and the third about 150 miles northwest.

"That made for some pretty long days driving to customer sites, and it meant the company routinely spent an exorbitant amount to reimburse travel expenses.

"For several years the company sailed along smoothly. Then out of the blue there was disagreement between the partners. After several arguments barely muffled by closed doors, the partnership was dissolved and Barney bought out Fred.

"Fred's wife also started divorce proceedings while the partnership was dissolving.

"After the dust settled, we found out why most of our customers were so far away. It seems Fred was keeping three mistresses. One lived about 150 miles to the south, the second lived about 120 miles west, and the third lived about 150 miles northwest..."

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