Mingis on Tech: A dive into Windows 10 Creators Update and the future of OSes

With the next version of Windows almost here, it's time to look at what may be in store for operating systems in the future

If there's a new version of Windows in the offing -- and there is, Windows 10 Creators Update -- the person you want on hand to explain it is Computerworld's Windows guru Preston Gralla.

He and Editor-in-Chief Scot Finnie join Executive News Editor Ken Mingis to detail what Creators Update is all about. (Hint: It might make you a little more efficient but not necessarily more creative.) This is a good thing, since Mingis is a Mac guy by day (and night).

The big change in Creators Update, and the one that Windows fans are most likely to appreciate, lets users delay installing necessary updates. That way, you don't get sidetracked when you're in the middle of your novel/research paper/film edit/game. There are also a few helpful UI tweaks and some changes to the Edge browser -- prompting an impromptu discussion of why the browser is losing ground to Google Chrome.

Then it's time for a look at the future of operating systems in general, with a heavy dose of discussion about voice control, voice recognition software -- Finnie's a big fan of Dragon -- the Internet of Things as a platform, and a potentially dystopian future. (Yes, really.)

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