Windows 10 'servicing stack' update cripples some PCs

'Come on!!!' rages one Reddit commenter

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Some users have reported that one of this week's Windows 10 updates crippled their PCs, according to a thread on Reddit.

They fingered the KB4013418 update as the most likely culprit. That update was marked simply as "Update for Windows 10 Version 1607" in Windows Update, and in the accompanying support document, tagged as a "servicing stack update."

In Microsoft's parlance, a servicing stack consists of the executable file and associated libraries needed to install Windows and its updates.

The original poster, identified as "becketbw," complained that after applying the Tuesday updates, "My computer does not work. Chrome opens, most programs do not, i.e. Start menu, Steam, Control Panel, you name it. [And] I am not able to uninstall the updates."

Others chimed in. And some of them were incensed. "Windows 10 is getting more broken each update," griped andr3w0 in the Reddit thread. "You keep throwing all these broken ass updates at us. Come on!!!"

"Similar here. No programs work as far as I can tell," added Singismund.

Although some could unbrick their PCs by creating a new user account -- people on the thread speculated that the original had been corrupted during the update -- others said that tack had not worked for them.

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