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Michael deAgonia

Some iPhone enthusiasts have a secret -- they would really also like to have an Android phone. 

That is what a new Kickstarter is banking on. A new campaign on the crowdfunding site is promising an iPhone accessory that brings Android to your Apple device, in a manner of speaking. Will it be enough to calm the Apple/Android rivalry?

In IT Blogwatch, we accessorize. 

So what is going on? Chris Smith gives us some background:

Ever wished you could run Android on your iPhone? Well, it’s finally possible, and it doesn’t require any jailbreaks or other complicated hacks...The bad news is that it’s still not the solution you might be looking for, it costs a pretty penny...and you have to wait at least until August to get it.

That doesn't really clear things up. Luckily, Scott Stein has some more information:

The Esti Eye is the latest accessory oddity to hit Kickstarter...Really, it's an Android phone. It just happens to snap onto the back of an iPhone.
The Esti Eye has a second screen, which you look at when you're not looking at your iPhone screen...It's either a fantasy or a monstrosity.

So it's an iPhone case that sports Android? Is there a real need for that? Michelle Jones is in the know:

We were skeptical that there would be...demand for such a case, but apparently, there is. The Kickstarter project...began with a...goal of $95,000, and it’s already raised nearly $133,000, with 31 days yet to go.
Other than the cash you’ll have to shell out for the case, the price of bringing Android to the having a bulkier phone...Early bird who buy the case through the Kickstarter project can pick it up for $95, although cases that support 4G cost a little more.

I guess there is a need, then. So what does it do? Shawn Knight has the details:

It features a 5-in., always-on FHD AMOLED display, two SIM card slots, a microSD card that supports up to 256GB of storage, a...2,800mAh battery, Qi wireless charging, NFC, infrared and a 3.5mm headphone jack.
The case connects to the iPhone via the Lightning port which is said to offer transfer speeds up to 130MB per runs Android 7.1 Nougat on its own chipset although details on said chipset weren’t provided.

What else should we know? And will it work with all iPhones? Kyle Wiggers fills in the blanks:

An infrared blaster lets you control home appliances like TVs, set-top boxes, and stereo systems with a compatible app...the estimated later retail price of $190...It comes in black and white, and fits the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 7, and 7 Plus.

Wait, isn't a new iPhone coming out this year? Will it fit that? We go to the Kickstarter FAQ to to get answers:

The next iPhone will be supported a month after its launch...An option to wait until...[the] next iPhone is out will be given to backers.

So is it worth getting this case? Juli Clover makes a suggestion:

While the Eye case looks intriguing, it also looks too good to be true...Esti is a first time Kickstarter company and a project this ambitious...will almost certainly run into problems with mass production.
The Kickstarter campaign says the first units will deliver in August of 2017, a timeline that's likely going to be difficult to meet...if you're interested in this product, it may be better to hold off until it is available outside of Kickstarter.

Despite the Kickstarter enthusiasm, some people are still skeptical. Bobbo sums it up nicely:

Because people always wanted a Android phone as an iPhone case!

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