So by definition it's a hardware problem, right?

This pilot fish is working for a major airline, doing onsite IT support at an airport, when he gets a trouble ticket. Problem: "Bug in terminal."

"I was thinking, we just applied patches for a recent issue," says fish. "Now what?

"I walked out on the floor to the vacant position, and the lady sitting at the next station said, 'My co-worker called in sick today. Can you get rid of the bugs in her terminal?'

"I said I would take a look at it. Did she know what it was doing incorrectly?

"She replied, 'Oh, the terminal works fine. There are just all these bugs flying around because my co-worker eats at her terminal and drops food into the keyboard. It gets annoying having to swat bugs all day, and I was hoping you could kill the bugs while she's out sick.'

"One trip to the hardware store for a can of Raid -- bug problems eliminated!"

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