Android 8.0 'O' -- what we know so far

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It is getting to be that time of year again. The snow is melting, the days are longer, and Google I/O is right around the corner.

Well, soon enough, anyway. And with the annual developers conferences coming up, rumors are starting to circulate about what we can expect to see. But will all these predictions come true?

In IT Blogwatch, we don't want to wait and see. 

So what is happening? Tim-o-tato kicks us off:

This year’s Google I/O is set to take place in May, but rumors are already...detailing what we might see at the annual Google-tastic developer conference.

Not surprising -- leaks abound around here. What are these rumors about? Tyler Lee shares more details:

We expect the company will announce new products, services, and there’s a good chance we will learn...more about the next major Android update, which presumably would be Android “O.”
According to [a] report...Google has been working on smart assistive features for Android. However...not all of these features might necessarily find their way into the next Android build, but Google is working on them anyway.

Whether they make the final cut or not, what features are we talking about, here? JC Torres knows all about them

Have you ever...[seen] something in one app then switched to another, only to realized what you...wanted to...was copy something from app A to app B? Currently, you have no choice but to switch again, long press and copy whatever content, switch apps again, and paste. With an upcoming feature called “Copy Less,” Android might cut out some of those steps...Once you start a messaging app...Google...will make suggestions what to add next, including that location you may have searched for in another app.

Sounds useful. What else do we know? Jacob Siegal tells us about another feature:

The second rumored feature...[is] straight from Apple’s playbook: the ability to tap on an address...and have Google Maps automatically open and point you to that location. This functionality has existed on iOS for years, so it’s about time Android got it...Unfortunately, the source couldn’t confirm or deny if the Google Maps links would work on third-party messaging apps.

Also handy. Is that all? Nope, Sami Khan knows about one more:

The third possible feature in Android O is launching apps using finger gestures. This is not a new feature entirely...Gionee and Huawei have already integrated smart gesture features into smartphones for users to quickly launch apps by drawing certain letters like C for Camera and more...the source warned users not to put too much expectations in this feature, as it may never come.

So when exactly will we find out if these will officially be part of Android O or not? Rich Woods reminds us we still have a little while to wait:

It's unclear how much of this will be a focus at I/O...or how much else there will be. The event kicks off on May 17, so we'll find out more then.

So are users excited? Matt Gross has one thing to say:

I'm just waiting for Nougat still.

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