Are virtual CISOs the answer to your security problems?

virtual executive

Chief Information Security Officers are a relatively rare breed. Information security is, after all, a fairly recent addition to or subset of IT, and while most large organizations now do profess to having a CISO, CSO or head of information security, many still don’t. Indeed, it’s often the case that a company appoints its first CISO in the aftermath of a data breach - like Target did in 2014 or Sony in 2011.

However, landing yourself a CISO, and a good one at that, isn’t straightforward.

It’s well documented that the InfoSec landscape has a huge skills gap, with Cisco, training body ISC2 and other authorities putting the shortage at around 1.5 to 2 million personnel, and ISACA speaking of a “missing generation” of security staff.

This shortage -- though disputed by some, including the Department of Homeland Security -- is most keenly felt with network analysts and, increasingly, data scientists. But it also impacts firms at the CISO level too.

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