Snap reportedly working on a drone -- to take epic selfies?

 Sure, a selfie stick is handy to have, but if you want to take a truly epic selfie, you clearly need a drone.

That might be Snap's reasoning, since the company behind the Snapchat app has reportedly been working on its own drone -- and this isn't the first time the company has ventured into the hardware realm. 

In IT Blogwatch, we are ready for our close-up. 

So what is going on? Emma Boyle has some background:

According to a recent report...Snap, the creator of the Snapchat app and Snap Spectacles may be developing a drone...anonymous sources who claim to have been briefed on the hardware told the New York Times that the drone would...take photographs and record video to feed visual data back to the company.

This is not Snap's first foray into making hardware. Sangameswaran S. has the details:

Snap, which rebranded itself as a camera company last year, debuted video-camera sunglasses called "Spectacles" November. The product recorded short videos that could be directly shared on...Snapchat.
In its usual quirky style, Snap...set up...vending machines at various places where fans could plop down $130 for the "Spectacles"...The vending machines popped up at new locations for about a day, and that location was shared just 24 hours in advance...Until recently, the machines were the only way to buy the glasses directly.

Anything else important about Spectacles? Abhimanyu Ghoshal fills us in:

With Spectacles, Snap...wasn’t concerned about building the best possible camera; it was focused on creating a new way to capture action around you.
Snap is in a position to come up with...a toy drone that requires almost no effort to fly and shoot with, and popularize it with the backing of a powerful brand and medium for sharing content.

But is a drone a sure thing? Kaloyan C reminds us that not all projects come to fruition:

Unfortunately..."working on" does not equal "will release"...while there's no reason to doubt that the company is thinking about making drones, nothing is yet guaranteed. Plus...even if Snap does eventually release such a device, its target group most probably won't be your average drone enthusiast, but rather the everyday consumer, who's just looking for a fun new gadget, not a serious one.

But why is all of this important? Katie Benner has some insight:

The drone gives a glimpse into what kind of future products Snap may be considering, which would affect the company’s growth...Getting more visual important to Snap because it helps bolster people’s interactions with Snapchat. Communicating on Snapchat is a highly visual process, intended to create an intense engagement among people with the app.

So what do users think? Савва Онегов(Savva) has one thing to say:

Oh snap!

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