Apple TV idea: A show called 'Genius'

Carpool Karaoke and Planet of the Apps are glitz and glamor, but what about the core?

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We have no idea how much Apple has spent on the celeb talent for the Planet of the Apps TV show, but it’s likely to be much more than most of us will earn this year. My guilty confession is that I think the show will become a guilty pleasure for many people, but I also think Apple needs to think more about its core.

A show called ‘Genius’

If you are one of those who will watch Apple’s TV shows you are likely already an Apple tech user. Where do you go when things go wrong?

You visit one of the thousands of Genius Apple tech boffins you find inside Apple retail stores worldwide. These nice people know how to fix your kit and how to help you get more from using it.

Why not give them a show?

We know there’s a market for this information – just look at the in-store Genius Bar queues. Apple already employs the people it needs to deliver information like this.

For the rest of us

Apple could ask its Genius staff to submit ideas for one minute tips and troubleshooting suggestions.

It could filter these by platforms and segment them into Mac, iPhone, Apple TV, iPad and Watch tips: three one-minute tips per product is fifteen minutes viewing, add software and operating system tips and you have twenty minutes right there.

The Genius gets to present the tip on-site from their store, and earns a decent appearance fee/income bonus when they do. Add an iMovie of the week from an Apple user, occasional interviews and feature-length pieces and some input from the link-person who holds the show together, and you’ve got half an hour of unique, Apple-focused content.

Content that empowers customers to get more from the kit they already own. We know Apple users love Apple tips.

Focus on the core

Once you focus on Apple’s core you begin to see a whole bunch of original programming ideas that speak directly to the heart of its constituencies.

  • Developers might enjoy a show for them, giving them weekly insights into changing OS features, hints, and best practise ideas from other developers, like a weekly WWDC.
  • What about the pros? Apple at one time published its own features focused on interesting Apple tech users, what they did, and how its equipment helped their creative expression. Photographers, musicians, even rugby players, all have an Apple story to tell. Take the overt marketing out and focus on the people and Apple could create unique shows about some of the world’s most unique people.  How does David Hockney use an iPad Pro to paint?
  • Music: I can see no reason on Earth for Apple to avoid creating a weekly new music show. I see no need to say any more than that.
  • University: What is the Apple way? What were the design stages to the development of the first PowerBook? What about the clear acrylic prototypes? What has the company learned about running an innovation business across the years? To create history, you must write it – perhaps Apple University should contribute a series of “Apple History” shows designed to debunk some of the balderdash that passes for biography of founder, Steve Jobs?

Writing history

I think Apple has barely begun to start exploring the opportunities it has to create compelling TV content. As well as looking to mass market programming, the company could look for ideas to its core. Its core is comprised of its products and the relationships its customers have with those products. Surely it makes sense that at least some of its original content ideas are focused on this?

Apple’s new shows, Planet of the Apps and Carpool Karaoke, are expected to hit Apple TV screens this spring. What other shows do you think Apple should make? Drop me a line on social media and let me know.

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