Looking for a job? Facebook's got you covered

What is the best social network to visit when you're looking for a new job?

You probably said LinkedIn, right? Well, Facebook wants to give LinkedIn a run for its money when it comes to hiring by making it easier than ever for employers and prospective employees to connect. But how is it doing that?

In IT Blogwatch, we apply now.

So what exactly is going on? Jessica Guynn has some background:

Facebook is getting into the job market...the giant social network...has created tools for businesses to post job openings and for job seekers to hunt for new gigs.
The...features are aimed at small and midsized businesses that typically struggle to find the right people to hire, particularly part-time and hourly workers, targeting a weak spot for LinkedIn.

And how does it work? Saqib Shah has those details:

Page admins can publish job openings in a matter of minutes...A typical vacancy post must include a photo, job title, location, job type...and a detailed description, along with optional info such as a summary, and salary. The post is...published to the company’s page and will also appear on the News Feed of their followers. Businesses...have the option to boost the post (by paying a premium) to reach a larger or more targeted audience.

What about potential hires who are looking for a job -- how can they find job openings? John Kennedey is in the know:

For applicants, job posts...appear in their News Feed, in the new bookmark for jobs, and alongside other posts on a business Page. When users click on the "Apply Now" button, a form will open that is pre-populated with information from their profile...Applicants can review and edit their information before submitting it.

But why add this feature? And how will it affect sites like LinkedIn? Kurt Wagner shares that info:

Businesses were already posting jobs to their Pages...now it'll be easier to find those postings and apply for them...The news is not...great for...LinkedIn, which charges recruiters to post and promote jobs...Facebook isn't necessarily the first place you think of when looking for a new job, but it could...offer some competition to LinkedIn and has a much larger user base.
The new feature will...roll out...in the U.S. and Canada.

So is there anything that job applicants have to keep in mind when applying? Emily Price has some advice:

The feature...makes it simpler than ever for employers to discover your unflattering Facebook posts. Applicants will be able to control what parts of their Facebook profile they choose to share with employers; however...it's more important than ever to make sure your public posts on the social network are something you'd be willing to share with your future boss, because she's probably looking at them.

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