10 super-user tricks to boost Windows 10 productivity

windows tips tricks

Whether you love it or hate it, Windows 10 is here to stay. Unlike previous versions of Windows, there are fewer readily apparent differences between versions. In other words, the Professional version looks a lot like the Home version and it can take some digging to figure out how to leverage the advanced features of Pro.

Not to worry. With these 10 tips, we take the guesswork out of turning Windows 10 Professional into a lean, mean productivity machine. (Some of these tips refer to features that are unavailable in the Windows 10 Home Edition.)

1. Enable the hidden administrator account

When Windows 10 is installed, you’re prompted to create a user account. This automatically becomes an account with administrator privileges, but this isn’t the same as an “elevated” administrator account. What this means is that you may get what is known as a User Account Control (UAC) prompt every time you attempt to perform certain tasks, and won’t have enough privileges for others. To fix this problem you need to enable the “hidden” administrator account.

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