What the Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks reveal

Another day, another leak. 

This time, we are seeing renders of Samsung's upcoming flagship phones. And the leaks have Samsung enthusiasts pumped. So what have we learned? Read on, or skip to the end to watch the video.

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So what is happening? Gordon Kelly has the background:

The Galaxy S8 release date may be close, but we already know a lot about Samsung’s new flagship smartphone...now...new leaks have revealed the biggest changes.

Thank goodness for leaks. So what have we learned? Kristijan Lucic shares some details:

The Samsung Galaxy S8...comes with a curved display on its sides, and the bezel on the bottom of the phone is quite thin...on the bottom of this smartphone [is]...the 3.5mm headphone jack...next to it you’ll notice the Type-C USB port for charging and syncing. Next to the charging port lies a microphone, and on the right [is]...the phone’s bottom-firing speaker. Two separate antenna lines are also quite visible...Samsung allegedly plans to release two variants of the Galaxy S8, the smaller Galaxy S8 variant, and the larger Galaxy S8 Plus model.

Well, that clears up a lot. What do we know about the two different sized phones? Max Langridge has some info:

Both will sport a metal and glass build with the S8 featuring a 5.7-in. screen and a 6.2-in. for the S8 Plus. However...the actual size of the phones won't be much different to their S7 and S7 Edge predecessors because the screen will take up much more real estate than before.

Anything else significant? Scott Adam Gordon thinks so:

[There] appears to be a lock button on either side of the device: one of these could represent the dedicated Bixby virtual assistant button that’s been rumored...On the rear of the device, the rectangular depression beside the...camera is said to represent the Galaxy S8’s fingerprint sensor. Fingerprint scanners don’t typically appear off-center...this an interesting design choice for Samsung.

Just to cover all our bases, what do we know about the release date or price? Fionna Agomuoh has that info:

Sources have suggested the Galaxy S8 price may start at $849, which could indicate a price of $900 or more for the Galaxy S8 Plus. These figures have not yet been confirmed...Typically, prices for Samsung’s smartphones are not as high as they are projected prior to launch...Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus March 29 and release the devices April 21.

That about sums it up. If you want to see the renders yourself, watch the video below:

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