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Does Your Data Discriminate?

Computerworld Digital Edition, January-February 2017 [cover] Computerworld

Analytics is a top priority for savvy CIOs. But if implicit biases are hiding under the surface of your most trusted data sets, your algorithms could be leading you to make bad decisions.

Helming IT Through Ups (and Downs)

Impending mergers, ultrafast growth and sharp dips all put pressure on IT leaders to make quick decisions about tech plans and priorities. Here are 10 tips for making IT shine during times of change.

Cracking the Code on Workforce Analytics

As more companies depend on information about their employees to make crucial decisions, HR and IT are working closer together than ever before to deliver the data. 

News Analysis 

Microsoft gets mild praise for changes it made to the way Windows 10 tracks user data, but critics say the company still must be more open about what’s collected and why.


Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols argues that Tesla is destined to become the 21st-century car company, and Paul Glen suggests that it’s a good idea to step back and try to understand your boss’s seemingly stupid decisions.

Security Manager’s Journal

Avoid third-party tests of your security measures: If you let one customer perform assessments against your applications and network, you open yourself up to a lot of headaches.

Shark Tank

Read the latest exploits of hapless bosses and clueless users.

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