10 fun tech ads through the years

80 Mbytes of storage for less than $12,000! And other ads from our archives

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NEC laptop ad date: April 6, 1987

The issue's top stories:

OS/2 to bind PC to hosts, leap 640K wall

Ending more than a year of industry uncertainty, IBM last week announced a graphics-oriented operating system that builds on Microsoft Corp.'s Windows, serves as a major component of IBM's System Application and, in some releases, adds a built-in gateway to minicomputer and mainframe environments.

IBM stakes claim to next PC standard

IBM attempted to regain control of the corporate microcomputer standard last week by announcing a formidable array of systems-oriented microcomputers and operating systems software. The company showcased eight configurations of its Personal System/2 series, including three systems based on the Intel Corp. 80386 processor, that are called the Model 80s and are closely linked through enhanced communications abilities.

Cullinet plans SQL-based line

Cullinet Software, Inc. told its customers last week in a coast-to-coast teleconference that it plans to offer an SQL-based data base management system for mainframes, departmental computers and personal computers. Cullinet said it will also soon offer an expert system development environment for the Digital Equipment Corp. VAX, with a later version aimed at allowing Cullinet customers to embed expert systems in their mainframe Cobol applications, according to John Landry, chairman of Distribution Management Systems, Inc., the Lexington, Mass., firm in the process of being acquired by Cullinet.

9. Remember these?

Datatype Corporation - English in, English out [ad] Datatype Corporation

You'll need to be 'of a certain age' to remember when every office had one of these.

Every office used to have them, but we haven't seen one in years. It's called a "typewriter." And in this ad, readers are told that a "little ball turns an ordinary Selectric typewriter into the only bilingual input device in the world.

"So, instead of a big, expensive data preparation center and the expensive personnel that go with it, all you need is a couple of Selectrics (which you may already have), a few DF-2 elements and our Optical Page Reader."

Clearly, this ad ran in Computerworld before the era of Google Translate.

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