10 fun tech ads through the years

80 Mbytes of storage for less than $12,000! And other ads from our archives

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COBOL training ad date: November 13, 1978

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Software Bug Delays Election News

At the height of last Tuesday's election coverage, the computer system operated by the News Election Service (NES) to tally and report raw returns in election precincts nationwide went down intermittently, delaying election coverage nationwide from one to one and a half hours, according to election news managers at local, state and national levels.

DP-Set Work Quotas Spark Union Walkout At Safeway Warehouse

RICHMOND, Calif. - A computer system installed by Safeway Stores, Inc. to increase productivity at one of its warehouses here has sparked a strike by warehouse employees that is now entering it s 17th week.

Bank's DP Consultant Held in $10.2 Million EFT Heist

LOS ANGELES - The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) last week arrested computer consultant Stanley Mark Rifkin on charges of using Fedwire, the Federal Reserve's electronic funds transfer (EFT) system, to steal $10.2 million from the Security Pacific Bank here.

6. Your very own mainframe!

Digital - Personal Mainframe ad Digital

DEC's 'personal mainframe.'

"Everyone needs to use the computer? With The Personal Mainframe, up to 512 users can work interactively at their own terminals," says an ad for this system that touts computing availability beyond the glass-enclosed data center.

How do you know when you need this system? "When people are waiting in line for their applications. When some people need a decision-making tool and others need a number-cruncher."

Do you know when Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC) would have been advertising the DECsystem-10 or DECSYSTEM-20?

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