10 fun tech ads through the years

80 Mbytes of storage for less than $12,000! And other ads from our archives

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4800 bps modem ad date: November 17, 1971

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Univac 9700 Offers Compatibility, Price

Univac stressed IBM compatibility and a high price/performance ratio when it introduced its medium-scale, disk-oriented 9700 last week.

Technology Makes Move Out of Core City Feasible

CLEVELAND -- Technological advances in data transmission have made it "increasingly feasible to consider remote data processing operations," when computer installations are faced with expansion or rebuilding, a DP consultant stated. Roy S. West, staff consultant for EDP facilities with Austin Co. here, said remote operations present a "valid alternative" to the "congestion, insufficient parking space, inadequate mass transportation, deteriorating property values, threats to property, and crime in the streets."

4. You can see words on the screen!

MicroPro - WordStar ad MicroPro

WordStar boasts WYSIWYG

The software touted here runs "on most Z80/8080/8085 microcomputers with CP/M, 48K and terminal with addressable cursor."

Not only do you get all the features of a high-priced word processing system, but "with WordStar, you have a true screen image of what your printout will look like before you print it! With WordStar, you'll erase, insert, delete and move entire blocks of copy."

Cool, indeed!

Do you know about what year MicroPro would be advertising WordStar on CP/M?

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