10 questions to ask IDaaS vendors before you buy

Of the Everests that IT faces daily, identity and access management is a particular challenge. These 10 questions help you find a solution that delivers what you need.

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Identity as a service (IDaaS), also known as identity and access management as a service, uses a cloud infrastructure for securely managing user identities and access enforcement. At its most basic level, IDaaS enables single sign-on (SSO) for systems in the cloud or on-premises, but it goes well beyond that to include access provisioning and deprovisioning, governance and analytics.

Leading vendors in the IDaaS field in 2016 (per Gartner) included Okta, Microsoft and Centrify, with OneLogin, Ping Identity, SailPoint, Covisint, Salesforce, Lighthouse Security (IBM) and EMC/RSA figuring prominently as well. Although each company offers IDaaS, differences in feature sets and capabilities can make one solution preferable over the others for a particular organization.

According to DocuSign CIO Eric Johnson, an IDaaS solution will become your centralized mechanism to access all important business applications. Choosing the right solution is imperative because any downtime will result in a significant business disruption. It's important to consider things like the solution's integration capabilities, single sign-on (SSO) experience and security when deciding which IDaaS is best for you.

These 10 questions, contributed by DocuSign and Box — IDaaS customers who have already gone through the selection and acquisition process — provide a foundation when evaluating vendors.

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