How to really customize your Alexa Flash Briefing

If you have a favorite news source that you want to add to Alexa, here's how to do it.

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If you've got an Amazon Echo, Dot, or other Alexa-enabled device, you've probably discovered Flash Briefings. (For those not yet talking to Amazon devices, a Flash Briefing is a customized news audio report.)

When you first set up an Echo or Dot, the Briefing typically comes with a couple of news sources added by default. However, you can add, remove and reorder other "skills" (as the news reports are called in Amazon-speak) to get a daily (or hourly) audio news report.

Customizing Alexa - step 1 Sharon Machlis
Click the Alexa tab in the top navigation bar.

There are already close to 2,000 options for adding sources to a Flash Briefing. You can find them in the Alexa app under Settings > Flash Briefing > Get More Flash Briefing Content. But maybe you've got another source you wish could be included that's not yet available. If that content is already in an RSS feed, you can add it your Flash briefing even if it's not an "official" Alexa Flash Briefing skill. Here's how.

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