The reason behind the Galaxy Note 7 fires comes as no surprise

Finally, we know what caused the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to explode.

Except the reason isn't a surprise. In fact, it is basically the same as the original reason that Samsung gave for the fiasco. So why a big report to confirm what we already knew?

In IT Blogwatch, we have the scoop.

So what has happened? Marc Lagace has the background:

A source familiar with Samsung's investigation into the exploding Note 7...says giant has concluded that batteries were to blame for the spontaneous combustions that led to two recalls and the ultimate demise of the flagship device...In other news, grass is green and the sky still appears to be blue.

And how did Samsung come to that conclusion? Se Young Lee has the details: October said it [would] examine all aspects of the phone, including hardware design and software, and would hire third-party firms as part of its probe...Samsung was able to replicate the fires during its investigation...the cause for the fires could not be explained by hardware design or software-related matters.

So, the batteries. When will we know more about the investigation? Lulu Chang is in the know:

The official results of Samsung’s inquiry into the matter are likely to be announced on January 23...the...head of Samsung’s mobile business, is slated to provide details about...what the company will do to ensure that the exploding handset problem doesn’t happen again.
The Galaxy Note 7 was first recalled back in September, whereupon 2.5 million devices were ordered to be returned...the cause of the fire was said to be a manufacturing process issue of the phone maker’s suppliers. But when a new batch of smartphones with allegedly safe batteries provided by a different supplier...proved problematic, Samsung shut down sales of its highly anticipated phone. This ultimately resulted in a $5.2 billion loss.

What does Samsung hope to accomplish now? Jason Cipriani tells it like it is:

Samsung will start the process of earning back user trust and confidence as the release of Galaxy S8 gets closer...Samsung typically releases new devices in the first half of the year.

Oh, right. The upcoming Galaxy S8. Samsung needs to put the Note 7 fiasco firmly behind it before that launches. And about the Galaxy S8 -- any news (or rumors) on it? Ken Manbert Salcedo has some info to share:

A new report is...claiming...the South Korean manufacturer is planning to launch the smartphone on April 15.
Samsung's upcoming flagship smartphone will come in two variants, the Galaxy S8 and a larger Galaxy S8 Plus...The estimated size of the Galaxy S8 Plus will be 6.3-inches..the regular...S8’s measured at 5.7-inches...both the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus have very small bezels on the top and bottom, but the sides appear to have little to no bezels at all.

So, how are people reacting to the news about the Note 7? JustinD2473 has one thing to say:


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