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Hence, tidy data - again, the goal is solving complex problems by combining simple, uniform pieces.

Jan 13, 9:30 AM: Hadley Wickham: tibbles are data frames that are lazy & surly. Makes it easy to have a column that's a list: list-columns. Gives you a way to keep related things together.

Jan 12, 1:37 PM: If you can't make the session on linking HTML widgets with Crosstalk -- either because you're not at the conference or because you want to go to the text-mining session instead -- presented Joe Cheng told me that it will be similar to his Crosstalk session at useR. There's a recording of that one on Microsoft's Channel 9.

Jan 12, 9:03 AM: I didn't go to pre-conference training sessions, but a few attendees who were there shared some tips on Twitter (the conference hashtag is #rstudioconf). One of the favorites:

"shiny developers try ?showReactLog to see reactivity graphs", Phil Chapman tweeted from Joe Cheng's Shiny session (Shiny is a Web framework for R), adding that he could already go home happy from the conference because of that useful advice.

Alex Whan added:


Jan 11, 5:03 PM: Pre-conference news: RStudio Connect, an enterprise publishing platform meant to make it easy to share R-generated analyses throughout an organization, has moved out of beta into production. For more info, see my story on RStudio Connect.

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