Fix Windows 10 problems with these free Microsoft tools

To Microsoft’s credit, Windows 10 is more stable than previous versions of Windows. As with any operating system, however, things can still go wrong. Fortunately, Microsoft offers several tools that can be used to correct the most common problems: Some are built right into Windows 10, and others you download from the Microsoft site. Here’s a walk-thru explaining when you might need each tool, and how to use it.

Start menu troubleshooter

When to use it: If Cortana or the Start menu stops working correctly.

On rare occasions, the Start menu might fail to open when you click the Start button or when you press the Windows key of your computer’s keyboard. Other things about it might malfunction, such as the ability to drag-and-drop app shortcuts from the app list over to the Start menu panel, or tiles pinned to the Start menu panel might disappear.

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