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This IT pilot fish has one user who's only a problem on Mondays -- because she regularly forgets her password over the weekend.

"Betty was great at her job, but I often wondered how she was able to remember how to get home at the end of the work day," says fish. "Almost every Monday I would receive the same call: 'What is my password, I can't log in.'

"I'd respond by changing it yet again. Eventually we dumbed down her password, despite rules against doing that. It wasn't that much of an issue because this was an in-house minicomputer and there was no internet connection to be hacked over.

"But even dumbing it down still didn't help until I changed her password to 'Iforgot.'

"So the call would come in on Monday morning: 'Hi, this is Betty, I forgot my password again.' I would say, 'OK, what is your password?' Betty would say, 'I forgot.'

"I would say, 'Think, Betty, what is your password?' She would reply, 'I forgot.' Then there would be a pause. Then she would say, 'Never mind, thank you.'

"She would then successfully sign in."

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