Tips on shooting great video with your drone

Drone capturing video
Source: Thinkstock

With a drone, you can take videos that were never possible before -- at least not if you didn't have the budget for a crane or a helicopter. But having an unmanned aerial vehicle doesn't necessarily mean you'll end up with compelling video. You don't want all your shots to be free and erratic. Viewers are used to seeing certain types of shots, and these help tell a story.

In this excerpt from The Photographer's Guide to Drones, Colin Smith outlines four different types of camera moves that you can perform with your drone, tells you how to execute them and explains when they're useful.

For example, the establishing shot shows the audience a location and sets the mood for what's to come. They're often used at the beginning of a scene, and can help signify a change of location, if more than one location is used.

Find out about several other types of shots in this free PDF download.

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