Face-off: Oracle vs. HPE for data warehousing

IT buyers seeking a data warehouse often compare Oracle's Exadata system with Hewlett Packard Enterprise's Vertica system, according to IT Central Station, an online community where IT managers review enterprise products. And both systems have their fans.

Exadata users like the "smart scan" feature, which offloads intensive SQL workloads to the storage servers, for example. Vertica users like the product's columnar storage, which makes "hot data" available faster than does a traditional database, according to one data scientist in the community.

Data science Nick Hoffman

But users also say the systems have room for improvement. Oracle's product needs a better patching process, for example, and HPE Vertica's documentation "still has a long way to go," according to user reviews at IT Central Station.

IT Central Station has produced a 68-page report that compares the two rival systems, based on commentary written by enterprise users about the strengths and weaknesses of each product.

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