Must-have devops tools for Windows admins

From IDEs to test frameworks, these tools bring devops power to the world of Windows

Without automation, there would be no devops. How organizations implement automation -- from continuous delivery to automated testing to release pipelines -- differs wildly, but the fundamental divergence in approaches begins at the operating system. When it comes to Windows vs. Linux, devops is a bit different.

Not every devops tool is created equal when it comes to managing a Linux or Windows system. Yet, it’s up to us as devops practitioners to manage these distinct architectures as if they were one. That is the goal. For Windows organizations used to working the Windows way, this can be a bit challenging.

Here, we provide a look at key devops tools for better managing Windows fleets. Whether you’re a Windows shop or an organization that runs critical services on both Linux and Windows, these tools -- ranging from integrated development environments to test frameworks -- will prove invaluable in embracing devops for Windows machines.

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