Citrix is building your workspace of the future

CEO Tatarinov’s strategy centers on secure access to apps, data from any device anywhere on prem or in the cloud.

Citrix is a bit like the pachyderm in the proverb about the blind men and the elephant. How customers describe the company depends a lot on which of Citrix’s diverse products they touch. It’s a desktop and app virtualization company. It’s a networking company. A secure file sharing company, a mobility management firm.

Yes, Citrix is all of those and more, and CEO Kirill Tatarinov – one year after taking over from long-time leader Mark Templeton – is working to show how all those pieces play together in making Citrix the focal point of the ‘workspace of the future’ for nimble enterprises.

In this installment of the IDG CEO Interview Series, Tatarinov explained to IDG Chief Content Officer John Gallant what that workspace of the future looks like and how he’s reshaping Citrix to get customers there. He also explored Citrix’s opportunities in the cloud and how the company is advancing the SD-WAN market. Tatarinov also talked about Citrix’s changing competitive landscape and made it clear he’s raring to take on big guns like VMware in a market being reshaped by virtualization.

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