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How the experts use Android: 2016's top Android Intelligence profiles

Some of the brightest minds from the Android world shared their favorite devices, apps, and tips with us in 2016. Catch up now and learn from the best!

How I Use Android 2016

One of the things that makes Android so interesting is the fact that no two people use it the same way. From the ever-expanding variety of hardware to the virtually endless possibilities for configuring and customizing the software, diversity is a key part of what makes the platform as appealing as it is.

That's precisely what I set out to celebrate and examine in How I Use Android -- a series of profiles that takes you behind the curtain to see how well-known people from the Android world use Android in their own lives. From what devices they choose to how they set up their home screens and their favorite apps and time-saving shortcuts, you can learn a lot about someone by seeing what type of picture they paint with the common Android palette. And, of course, you can also get plenty of inspiration for your own personal approach.

In 2016, we were treated to intimate Android tours from some seriously smart and creative people (well, mostly -- I'm not so sure about the first guy below...). We also got the scoop on some exceptional home screen setups from regular Android users in a related mini-series, the aptly named Awesome Android Home Screens.

Take some time to revisit a favorite or check out any you missed, and stay tuned for even more revealing profiles in the year to come.

How I Use Android: Writer and Android Intelligence author JR Raphael

After asking so many people to share how they use Android, I figured it was only right to start this year by stepping into the hot seat myself. This is an up-close tour of my own personal Android setup as of early 2016, including my obsessively organized home screens.

How I Use Android: 'All About Android' host Jason Howell

Brokaw, schmo-kaw: When it comes to Android broadcasting, Jason Howell is the host with the most. Here's how the man behind the mic uses the platform himself.

How I Use Android: Google Keep product manager Mario Anima

A Googler responsible for the Keep organization app shows us how he uses Android to keep his own life organized.

How I Use Android: Pocket Casts developer Russell Ivanovic

He develops one of Android's best podcasting apps and hosts his own Android podcast -- so when it comes to using Android himself, Russell Ivanovic definitely knows what he likes.

How I Use Android: Fenix developer and Twitter whisperer Matteo Villa

He created one of Android's best Twitter apps and defied all odds to keep it alive. Here, how the man behind Fenix uses Android when no one else is watching.

How I Use Android: Franco.Kernel and Focus creator Francisco Franco

One of Android's most eclectic developers walks us through his own personal smartphone setup -- including a surprising admission about his primary device.

How I Use Android: Pujie Black creator Paul Ivan

A pioneer in Android Wear development steps into the spotlight to show us how he uses Android himself -- from the wrist to the pocket and beyond.

How I Use Android: Google designer and engineer Roman Nurik

A driving force behind Android design and development shares the ins and outs of his own personal Android setup.

How I Use Android: Android Central Editor Emeritus Phil Nickinson

He's reviewed more smartphones than most folks own in a lifetime -- so how does the long-time editor of the internet's most popular Android site use Android himself?

How I Use Android: EvolveSMS and Talon developer Luke Klinker

One of Android's busiest developers gives us a glimpse at his personal home screen setup and talks about the apps and devices that help him stay productive.

How I Use Android: Android Wear and independent Google designer Virginia Poltrack

A prolific artist with all sorts of Googley endeavors shares the skinny on her own Android-using habits.

Awesome Android Home Screens: The Sliding Stacker

Make your home screen a beautifully organized window into your world with this clever card-based setup.

Awesome Android Home Screens: The Chrome Phone

Give your Android home screen a Chrome OS-like makeover with this spiffy custom setup.

Awesome Android Home Screens: The Googley Hexagon

Playful colors and simple shapes take center stage in this easy-to-navigate home screen setup.

And just for funsies...

20 minutes with the original Motorola Droid: Well, that didn't go as expected

An attempt to revisit Android's early days presents an interesting challenge.

Happy New Year, everyone! Here's to more good times and great tech in 2017.

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