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IT contractor pilot fish is in a full-court press to find his next job, and he has sent his resume out to multiple contract brokers -- but always with one firm requirement.

"I didn't want to be presented to the same client by multiple brokers, so I insisted that they not present me to a client without getting explicit permission first," says fish.

"I got home one day to voice messages from two different brokers. I had a better relationship with the second, having dealt with them before, so I called them back first. They described the opportunity, rate and location, and disclosed the client. I give them permission to present me.

"I was delayed for a couple hours in calling the first broker back. When I did, the broker told me, 'We presented you to...' the same client the second broker told me about.

"I had to tell him there was a problem -- that another firm had gotten my permission to present me, and that he didn't have permission and needed to withdraw my resume.

"I reminded him of our discussion where I emphasized the restriction that they not present me without explicit permission.

"His response? 'But we called you first!'"

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