Like daughter, like father

Pilot fish's eight-year-old daughter comes to him in a panic: "I saved all of my stories in Notepad files like you said, and now I can't find any of them!"

"So I went to take a look at her PC," says fish. "Turns out she saved the first file with the name 'Betty Story.' But after she saved it, she deleted all the text, wrote a new story, then hit Save with the same name as before.

"She wrote six different stories over the course of an hour, and each time overwrote the last with the next.

"She was understandably upset, and I explained to her how she had to change the name of the file each time.

"Then I told her the story of how one time at work I inadvertently overwrote a Basic source file with the compiled binary file, and had to rewrite the program from scratch. But while the first iteration took me four hours to write, the second time only took me an hour.

"And I explained that the second version actually came out cleaner and better because I knew what I was doing by then -- the first version having suffered through a lot of experimentation and containing lots of useless code artifacts from it.

"Not that I recommend destroying one's work just so it comes out better the second time..."

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