See? Now everybody's happy...almost

IT consultant pilot fish happens to learn that his company has jacked up the rate it's charging clients for fish's work -- and he's not happy that his paycheck hasn't gotten bigger too.

"So at the meeting for my upcoming contract renewal, I brought it up," says fish. "I told my manager, 'You're making more money from me. I want my share of it.'"

Manager: You're not supposed to have that information.

Fish: That's true, but the fact is that I do have it, and it would be foolish of me not to take it into account.

Manager: Well, we are not going to increase your rate.

Fish: OK, then I decline the renewal.

And that's where it stands a few weeks later, as fish's rolloff date approaches and he gets another call from the manager: "So are you ready to accept the renewal?"

Fish: We've already talked about this. Are you ready to give me a better rate?

Manager: No, we can't do that.

Fish: Then I decline.

A couple more weeks go by. Rolloff is imminent. Manager calls fish again, with pretty much the same conversation -- and the same conclusion.

Finally, less than a week before the rolloff date, fish gets yet another call. The client really wants you to stay, manager says -- and reluctantly agrees to give fish a raise.

Fish: Great! But since I expected to roll off, I haven't made any travel reservations, so my requirements now include you buying my airfare for the first week of the renewal.

Manager: Agreed.

An hour later, fish's phone rings again.

Manager: Do you know what the airfare is for this transcontinental flight at this short notice?!?

Fish: Of course I do -- that's why I asked you to pay it. It's not my doing that we're in this situation, and I'm not going to eat that cost.

"There was a heavy sigh on the other end," fish says. "Then the manager asked, 'Well... will you take a connecting flight?' For coast-to-coast travel, I actually prefer a connection, so I agreed, and we had a deal.

"I noticed I was treated with more respect after that."

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