Apple will replace the battery of your iPhone 6s that keeps shutting down

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First Samsung, now Apple. Battery problems in smartphones are all the rage these days.

Of course, Apple's battery problems are very different than the ones Samsung users experienced, notably in that nothing has yet exploded. But what is happening to iPhones? And which models are affected?

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So what exactly is happening? John Ribeiro has the background:

Apple...said...a few iPhone 6s smartphones are unexpectedly shutting down...Apple...appeared to suggest that the problem would be resolved by a replacement battery which the company offered free.
The China Consumers Association asked Apple to investigate...iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s phones that were automatically shutting off. The...shutdowns were said to happen when the phone’s battery charge dropped to between 60 and 50 percent.

Battery problems with another smartphone? We remember what happened with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recently. Mikey Campbell assures us this isn't the same:

It seems Apple has run into its own smartphone battery troubles...The company was quick to note devices experiencing shutdown...issues do not present a safety risk, wording likely included to allay fears that iPhone is suffering from battery problems similar to catastrophic failures recently seen impacting Samsung products...the iPhone 6s defect only affects a batch of devices manufactured between September and October 2015.

So what should you do if your phone is one of those affected? Chance Miller has the details:

If...your iPhone 6s is affected...Apple instructs you to visit an Apple Retail Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider to confirm your eligibility. From there, your battery will be replaced free of charge.
Apple notes that devices with other damage, such as a cracked screen, will not be eligible for the repair program until the other damage is repaired...anyone who paid to have their battery replaced because of this issue can contact customer support about obtaining a refund.

And is there anything users need to do to prepare their phones before going in for a replacement battery? Apple explains the process:

To prepare your iPhone 6s for the battery replacement process...follow the steps below...Back up your data to iTunes or iCloud...Turn off Find my iPhone...Erase data and settings in Settings > General > Reset > Erase all Content and Settings...The program covers affected iPhone 6s batteries for 3 years after the first retail sale of the unit.

Is this the only issue plaguing iPhones right now? As luck would have it, no. Eric Slivka tells us about another:

Just...days ago, Apple launched a repair program for iPhone 6 Plus owners whose devices are experiencing..."touch disease" where users...see display flickering or a loss of touch sensitivity. That program carries a $149 repair fee...Apple says the issue is caused at least in part by the device having been "dropped multiple times on a hard surface."

How do people feel about this problem? Not surprisingly, they aren't thrilled. Chrissy Hall tells us what she thinks:

Thank you #iPhone6s battery...I love when you completely die at 56%.

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