Mingis on Tech: Show-and-tell with the new MacBook Pros

What's it really like to use the Touch Bar on Apple's latest laptops?

Three weeks after Apple unveiled its revamped MacBook Pro line-up, the new laptops are finally showing up in the States. Just look at the two sitting right there on the desk: spankin' new 13-in. and 15-in. MacBook Pros in fashionable Space Gray.

But questions remain: Is the innovative Touch Bar that replaces the function keys a gimmick or a must-have? Does the super-speedy SSD make up for modest Skylake chip? And most importantly, will the Angry Dude, a.k.a. Computerworld's Michael deAgonia, blow up again when describing his time with the 15-in. MacBook Pro?

Yes, our tech trio -- Executive News Editor Ken Mingis, Editor in Chief Scot Finnie and deAgonia -- is back together to talk about the MacBook Pro, with the emphasis on whether it's really a Pro model.

What ensues is a sometimes granular look at Touch Bar use cases, SSDs, CPUs, touch screens, Thunderbolt 3 ports and keyboards -- everything but Touch ID, which got lost in the shuffle. Our trio does everything except pull out tools and take one apart.

Mingis already has a 15-in. model on the way, so we know he's a fan. But it seems only fair to let deAgonia and Finnie revise and extend their remarks from last month, now that they've all had time to use these machines.

If you're wondering what Apple is up to, or what's the big deal with the new MacBook Pro, this show's for you.

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