SharePoint 2013 cheat sheet

How to find your way around SharePoint 2013 and make the most of its features

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Although many organizations are making their way to SharePoint 2016, a large number are still using SharePoint 2013 as their major corporate collaboration tool. This story is for you.

SharePoint is embedded in almost all medium and large organizations in some fashion or form, and SharePoint 2013 is now part of the Office 365 subscription service, meaning that hundreds of thousands of users pay monthly to access software that is available to them at the click of a mouse. And as part of the subscription, you automatically get the latest version of the software, so more and more users are seeing SharePoint 2013 in their daily lives.

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But SharePoint is as complex as ever, and in the 2013 and Office 365 releases, Microsoft definitely moved the cheese from where it was in SharePoint 2010. The interface is different. Some ways you interact with the software have changed. You might be lost. Or perhaps you are new to SharePoint, even if you have heard about it before, or maybe you are interested in really teasing out the power of SharePoint 2013 as you work with your team.

That's what this cheat sheet is for. In here, you'll learn all of the basics of navigating and using a SharePoint site, and where to go to hit some of the customization options as well.

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