Hey, he SAID 'Good work' -- what more do you want?

This IT pilot fish is working for a federal agency contractor as a software instructor -- but he has more to offer than just his teaching abilities.

"I had enough database and networking experience to update the delivery of the course registration lists and teaching materials," fish says.

"The existing system sent the maximum number of books that might be needed at the beginning of each quarter. In addition, the number of PCs varied from classroom to classroom from 10 to 20.

"By looking at previous class registrations and attendance sheets, as well as the number of books returned at the end of the quarter, I could see that the classroom PCs could be standardized at 10 per room, and we could reduce the number of classes while still keeping a comfortable safety factor. I also set up the class registrations to be printed automatically to each of the classrooms each morning.

"All told, I calculated I saved the agency more than $50,000.

"A few months later, I was up for my annual review. My manager said, 'Good work, but you're high in your salary range, so we won't be able to do much.'

"Half a percent raise. Now that's motivation, right?"

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