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Computerworld Digital Edition, November 2016 [cover]

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CIO Gun for Hire

Computerworld Digital Edition, November 2016 [cover]

When interim CIOs ride into town, they might call the shots on everything from cloud migrations to app development. They’ll even deliver bad news and take the bullets.

Is Your IT Staff Ready for IoT?

Organizations are itching to start internet of things initiatives, but their efforts are hampered by shortages of already-scarce security pros and workers with newer analytics skills.

Betting on Blockchain

Moving beyond its roots with bitcoin, blockchain gets a tryout in industries such as healthcare and retail, where it could evolve or disrupt standard practices.

SPECIAL SECTION: 2016 Digital Edge 25

IDG Enterprise’s annual awards recognize a select group of digital achievers whose organizations have made great strides toward becoming digital-centric businesses.

News Analysis

Wide-scale adoption of chip cards is till 18 months away, but success is in sight and fraud is down.


Columnist Paul Glen reminds managers that IT workers aren’t cogs in a machine. And Preston Gralla says older IT professionals face rampant ageism in Silicon Valley.

Security Manager’s Journal

A ransomware attack on a user’s PC may have a silver lining because it could spur the company to take action on a couple of security fronts.

Shark Tank

Read the latest exploits of hapless bosses and clueless users.

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