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It's the very end of the fiscal year at this company when a pilot fish notices some email reminders that start out fine but don't quite manage to stay that way.

"Our company was preparing for fiscal year-end bookkeeping," fish explains. "We're a contracting company, and most of us work billable hours and report them in the timesheet system.

"The accounting people wanted to have a clean set of hours to draw out of that timesheet system, so they asked us not to add a timesheet any earlier than the last day of the fiscal year. Apparently, some weirdos actually do their timesheets before they're forced to.

"They've been sending reminder emails about it every three days or so for a month. At the beginning it said: Remember, for the week of September 25th, don't enter a timesheet until Friday.

"Then: Remember, two weeks from now...

"Then the final week: Remember, don't enter a timesheet until Friday, September 30th.

"Then, on Friday the 30th: Remember, don't enter a timesheet before today, September 30th."

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