Who says all the wonder is gone from IT nowadays?

Property management company is a client of this consultant pilot fish's firm, and he's the one who takes the call from an older employee who's having big problems with her wireless mouse.

"She said it suddenly stopped working the day before, so she purchased a new one and hooked it up the same way as the old mouse," fish says.

"But no matter what she did, the mouse wouldn't move her cursor, and clicking the left and right mouse buttons failed to do anything as well. For all practical purposes, the computer was dead in the water -- kaput!

"I surmised that the mouse was probably not the issue. I couldn't log in for a remote session at that point, so I asked her to tell me exactly what she saw on her screen.

"'Well, I see a message that says the computer is locked,' she said.

"Trying to suppress my laughter, I asked her to press the Enter key. The client questioned the request, but finally complied. And voila! the computer came back to life because she had no password on her system.

"'How did you do that?' she asked.

"I had to tell her the truth: 'The message on the screen was a dead giveaway.'

"Her reply: 'Well, I wondered about that...'"

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