Guess the 'unboxing' scenario wasn't on the list

This 3,500-employee health services company brings in yet another new hire, and she calls the help desk almost immediately, reports a pilot fish who's in the loop.

"She was given a brand-new iPhone 6, and was having issues when talking to anyone or being able to hear them," fish says. "She had to holler to be heard when making a call.

"We worked with her through several scenarios, but got no change in her issues, so we had her send the phone back to us so we could get it replaced by our vendor.

"When it arrived, the person who deals with ordering the phones came in chuckling, and showed us why she was having the problem. She had never removed the plastic sheet that covers the phone's face when it's in the box.

"Needless to say, her new phone was sent out without the plastic protection on it."

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